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The Plastichero project recycles plastic using blockchain technology to create a more sustainable green environment.

Mine PTH mainnet coin rewards through eco-friendly measures each time you deposit a waste plastic bottle at our AI Robot.

Use our bridge to convert your PTH mainnet coins to PTH-ERC20 tokens at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Innovative Recycling AI Robot

    Use our AI-integrated compact robot to safely deposit plastic waste bottles.

  • Eco-friendly Mining System

    Mine crypto rewards of PTH mainnet coin through our eco-friendly system.

  • On the go mobile app

    Track your PTH mainnet coin earnings from wherever you are on our mobile app.

  • Buy vouchers and goodies

    Store PTH coins in the app and buy vouchers/ goodies using your PTH coins.

Where Does The Plastic Go?

The Plastichero project collects plastic waste through our AI Robot and pyrolyzes it into crude oil and flakes/pellets. These wastes are processed and used as raw materials for petrochemical products.

Mine PTH with your AI Robot

  • Plastichero AI Robot: Own a Robot, mine 540 PTH daily + 1 PTH per plastic deposit.

  • PTH Distribution: Share mined PTH rewards with Plastichero and selected charities to help fight waste.

  • Use Your PTH: Bridge PTH to Ethereum at 1:1 ratio for staking, LP and more.

Collect Plastic,
Mine Coins

Let us reward you for your efforts. With the Plastichero Project, you can earn PTH coins for saving the planet.

  • Mine unlimited PTH mainnet coins!.

  • Bridge your PTH mainnet coins for PTH-ERC20 tokens (1PTH:1PTH-ERC20).

PTH Tokenomics

Your AI Robot's nodes will each mine 180 PTH per day. Here's how it will be distributed:

  • You keep 83.33%: The majority of mined PTH goes directly to you.

  • 10% to charity: Each node makes an automatic donation to charity.

  • 6.67% Plastichero: A fraction supports the operation and development of Plastichero.

Mining Rate

The below are the detailed calculations for the mined PTH distribution:

  • Mining Rate: Your Robot's nodes will each mine 180 PTH per day (subject to halving - see whitepaper for details).

  • AI Robot Nodes: Each AI Robot has 8 nodes, mining 540 PTH per day at current rate.

  • Plastic Deposits: 1 PTH per deposit (unlimited; subject to halving).


Plastichero AI Robot Mining for PTH coin and Points





AI Robot owners will have the leverage to receive a significant number of coins from the time of installation.

Make The Best of Your Rewards with Our Mobile App

Access our mobile application to utilize your mined mainnet coins the smart way.

Use the mobile app to easily store your mined PTH mainnet coins and PTH-ERC20 tokens.

Purchase gift certificates and special products affiliated with exchanged coins for you or your loved ones via the application.

Plastichero around the world

The Plastichero AI Robot is fighting waste internationally! Find your nearest AI Robot:

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